Welcome to the new Orange Tree Project website!

It has taken 2 years of dedication to get us to this point, but we are an official 501(c)(3) organization!

We are ready to make a positive impact in our community with the help of leading design agencies along with amazing resources the creative community has to offer. Together, we will help local nonprofits who are doing amazing work and making our world a better place. We hope you will share this journey with us.

Why Orange Tree Project? The details change a bit whenever the story is told, but the root of why Orange Tree Project began remains the same. We want to leverage the skills and generosity of local design agencies to help nonprofit organizations experience the value of design.

Sounds simple, but the reality is that many nonprofits don’t understand the importance of establishing a strong brand and sharing their message through well-designed and executed communication tools. Successful businesses understand this and that’s why they pay top dollar to work with professional design firms.

Nonprofit organizations are often started for heartfelt reasons, but brand strategy is hardly ever on their radar. They ask a friend for a logo, a sister for a brochure, a neighbor for a website, and occasionally, they are lucky enough to connect with a design firm. The results can often confuse the reader or water down the potential impact of their mission; we have coined the term “Pro Bono Blues” to describe this process. Everyone has good intentions to help, but there isn’t a cohesive strategy or vision that reflects the true ambitions of the nonprofit.

What began with a single design agency is now expanding to multiple leading design agencies working together to help nonprofits be more fruitful.

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