We believe in creating a win-win model for the nonprofit and design partners.

Design agencies have a history of working with nonprofit clients. They understand that nonprofits typically don’t have large budgets for branding and design work. It’s become commonplace for nonprofits to request free design work, or to ask multiple friends or associates to do pro bono work, often in a piecemeal style (i.e., one logo here, a website there, and so on). The results can be positive, but they can also result in what we often refer to as “pro bono blues,” damaging the brand value of the nonprofit.

Professional design can do a lot to help an organization succeed. It can elevate a nonprofit’s brand image, increase awareness of its mission, and broaden its reach. Orange Tree Project ensures each project’s success by thoughtfully evaluating which nonprofits we work with and pairing them with the best design professionals to meet their needs.


Here’s our win-win model.

Nonprofits are only required to pay 25% of the project value for branding and design work to effectively promote their cause and increase their impact. The remaining 75% is covered pro bono through Orange Tree Project.
Design agencies receive 25% paid compensation to cover operational hard costs associated with their services; the remaining 75% is covered through promotional exposure. The level of exposure is set and valued on par with the retail value of the project.