What makes Orange Tree Project unique is that we are a nonprofit organization helping other nonprofit organizations.

Nurturing plants with sun and water | Orange Tree Project

Our Mission

To connect nonprofits with leading design agencies to help them advance their missions and achieve greatest community impact

Our Vision

To improve communities by helping as many nonprofits succeed, which in turn, helps a whole lot of people along the way


Orange tree surrounded by people | Orange Tree Project

Orange Tree Project was born out of a belief that people achieve their highest satisfaction when they apply their talents toward the common good. We set out to use creative talents along with a win-win model to help not one, but many nonprofits succeed.

The biggest winners, however, are the communities of people that our nonprofits serve: those without clean water, access to vital resources, or a place to turn for help.

While strategic design can definitely help a nonprofit succeed, design matters most when it makes the world a better place. And that’s what matters most to us too.